Amazon reviewer Lynelle Clark describes our coming-of-age spy thriller, The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2), as “a wonderful continuous of book one” in her 5-star review just posted.

In her review, Lynelle says The Orphan Factory has a ‘well developed plot line with crafty skilled twists to keep you at the edge of your seat”.

Here’s Lynelle’s review for The Orphan Factory:

In Book 2 many questions are answered. Here we are better acquainted with Nine, Seventeen and Tommy Kentridge, the main characters of Book 1 and we learn more about the Omega agency and their quest to a New World Order with the help of 23 created Orphans.

Each uniquely formed for their skills and abilities to become great field operatives or assassins. Clinical and greedy the orphans were formed and prepared for the task. They were seen as science projects and investments and the normal childhood pains were not allowed.

From drugs, to sleep learning, to speed reading (I would have loved to have this ability myself LOL), to fighting martial arts and resuming the identities of others with even greater skill, these children were equipped with one thing in mind and that was to further the members with their dreams of power and more money they could count. Using every thing the authorities have to their disposal.

Nine, our main character rebelled and cleverly escaped. Searching for his independence and freedom. His journey takes us over the states borders to California where he meet up with a girl he was infatuated with. But Helen did not accept him for who he was and at the end this youngster learned early on not to trust any

Meeting interesting characters during this time period of two weeks the story was well written and entertaining. The plans he made to get to California told you why Nine was the best, already a (threat) at the age of twelve.

I loved the way that the authors used the current news of the day to strengthen the plot line, making it more believable and interesting, creating more conspiracy theories. Bill Clinton’s rise to the presidency and how the Agency use it to further their cause. Using the Jonestown Cult story to bring down an ex-operative. All perfectly timed within the story.

The hatred and jealousy that consumed Seventeen from the start and leads her to almost succeed in killing Nine.

I must admit that I became fond of Nine, his strong character superbly developed so that you could be part of his world and his experiences.

Drawn into the secretive world of DNA faltering, power and greed and the extend people in authority would go to acquire even more. Excellent read for all who loves a good spy thriller and I can recommend it for Young Adults as well.

Well developed plot line with crafty skilled twists to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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Happy reading!Lance


  1. Jana K. says:

    Great review. I love the challenge of reading a book that makes me think and surprises me at every turn. It’s an amazing journey for the mind. Keep it coming. Jana K

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