A discussion thread titled “War, what is it good for? Absolutely nuthin!” on our Underground Knowledge group on Goodreads.com has prompted an outpouring of anti-war comment, the overwhelming concensus being that war is, indeed, good for absolutely nuthin.

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The discussion was prompted by publication of an excerpt from our book THE ORPHAN CONSPIRACIES. It was lifted from a chapter titled ‘False flag operations’ and reads as follows:

According to our research, WW2 was one of the last legitimate wars. Legitimate in that there was probably no other alternative but war. Nearly all other wars since – especially the Gulf Wars, Vietnam, The Falklands War and the various Afghan wars – have simply been money-spinners spawned by the fear of fabricated enemies or at least unproven enemies.

This all leads to other questions.

Were communists ever a valid threat? When the US pulled out of Vietnam, why didn’t the much hyped Domino Theory ever occur? Why weren’t most other Asian countries overrun by communism as this theory stated was inevitable?

Is it realistic to have a war on ‘terror’ instead of a conventional war against a recognizable nation or group of nations? Can bearded nomads living in caves in Afghanistan or Pakistan really be a genuine threat to superpowers? And can isolated and impoverished nations like North Korea prevent world peace if the rest of the world wants peace?

Would North Korean president Kim Jong-un actually order his military to fire nuclear weapons and incite war? If so, what would be in it for North Korea when they’d obviously be committing suicide by inviting the rest of the world to immediately invade them? Can a leader of any nation really be that stupid?


A random selection of some of the more interesting responses from group members follow. (Names withheld):

Some conflicts/wars I believe are a necessary evil – a terrible waste and disgraceful but if you lived in Africa wouldn’t you want someone to help you. There in lies your argument who decides where we go to war and where we ignore?


I’d replace the word ‘country’ with ‘government’. That’s the biggest con of all- this belief that we’re all countries of people starting and fighting wars, when it’s always been the top elite (government, royalty…) creating those wars. And in today’s age especially, the vast amount of people in the world want peace. It’s the governments that make those decisions, not the people.


Somewhere along the way the US was hijacked by elitists and American values were discarded.


War is often propaganda-dly sold to us with fear.


All we’ve got to do is defend rather than invade. It’s effing simple.


At the beginning of the “War on Terror,” here in New Mexico I was shocked and awed to see so many American flags erected on private properties as well as a popular bumper sticker which said; “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,” which really meant “SUPPORT OUR WAR.”


There used to a sarcastic slogan back in the 60’s; “Sure its a dirty little war. But its the only one we’ve got.”


Fighting just creates more fighting; its an endless loop in human history that will never cease until we go about things another way.


If we don’t work for those in power… if we don’t pay those in power, they’re stuffed. But it’ll take a huge amount of people, including people in politics, armed forces, police forces… to come together to change the world.


History strongly suggests that the human story is the story of wars and dominance. So, to escape all that has gone before, it seems necessary to do something new; a miracle, if you will. Its hard to keep believing in the face of reality.


ISIS seems like yet another fabricated enemy ala Al Qaeda. And indeed there is already much evidence to support this theory.


There have always been evil doers…terrorists, dictators, are all over the show – yet for some reason we always inflate the Middle Eastern ones and under-report other ones…5 million people have been killed in the Congo (formerly Zaire) in the last 10 years plus 1 million women have been raped. But no Western country wants to invade The Congo and try to do the right thing.


Trying to achieve peace by one more war is like saying terrorists can be defeated by terrorizing other nations in the charade they call the War on Terror…For me, Jim Morrison said it best when he sung “They got the guns, but we got the numbers.”… It’s similar to what Gandhi said during the time of the British Raj: “100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.”


The debate continues. To see all comments, or better still to have YOUR say, go to: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1953926-war-what-is-it-good-for-absolutely-nothin


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  1. mizremy says:

    If we would really study history we would find that wars are initiated for the most part by some government seeking power over rather than power with. WWI, and consequently WWII, did not have to happen as many historians, like me, can explain to you with quite valid reasons. We are told we are by nature belligerent, but as someone who works with veterans every day I pose this question: If we are so belligerent, why is there so much post-traumatic stress all through the history of wars?. I suggest this study: On Killing http://tinyurl.com/mzejfgu
    As to Viet Nam we were engaged in many ways right back to Truman. During the conflict, our troops were blatantly lied to about Agent Orange and many with whom I work are seriously, and sadly, some terminally, ill from that.
    I have yet to see any of the points of the Powell Doctrine addressed, including by Powell himself, when it comes to the “forever wars” of today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powell_Doctrine
    As to torture, it is unacceptable as a part of war, by national and international law, and has been proven to be ineffective despite the blustering by that man who will not be quiet. Torture is blatantly a criminal act.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result. Every time a drone takes the life of a non-combatant, we generate new enemies. Collateral damage is one of the worst euphemisms ever coined…death and destruction are real and generate more war; more profits for those who harvest the profits from the insatiable gods of war.How fast might war end if , there were no profits to be made by the few who could care less about lives destroyed,soldiers crippled, hearts and minds forever suffering from it? The “enemy de jour is also a person. If “they” are not a concern to us, then the lives of our sons and daughters should be.I refer you to their reality so brilliantly recorded by Ann Jones during her embeds with troops. http://tinyurl.com/phcf5cg
    Peace, like war, is a choice. As yet, we have not chosen well.

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