‘Into the Americas’ novel now available as paperback

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Into the Americas
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The historical adventure Into the Americas (A novel based on a true story), by New Zealand father-and-son writing team Lance & James Morcan, has been launched as a paperback – a natural progression from the Kindle ebook version, which is proving a popular title in Amazon’s Native American and Historical Fiction categories.


IntoTheAmericas ebook cover

Into the Americas paperback is available via Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Into-Americas-novel-based-story/dp/0473361280


In Into the Americas, nineteen year-old blacksmith John Jewitt is one of only two survivors after his crewmates clash with the fierce Mowachaht tribe in the Pacific Northwest. A life of slavery awaits John and his fellow survivor, a belligerent American sailmaker, in a village ruled by the iron fist of Maquina, the all-powerful chief. Desperate to taste freedom again, they make several doomed escape attempts over mountains and sea. Only their value to the tribe and John’s relationship with Maquina prevents their captors from killing them.

As the seasons pass, John ‘goes Indian’ after falling in love with Eu-stochee, a beautiful maiden. This further alienates him from his fellow captive whose defiance leads to violent consequences. In the bloodshed that follows, John discovers another side to himself – a side he never knew existed and a side he detests. His desire to be reunited with the family and friends he left behind returns even stronger than before.

The stakes rise when John learns Eu-stochee is pregnant. When a final opportunity to escape arises, he must choose between returning to civilization or staying with Eu-stochee and their newborn son.



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