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Do you like or dislike the decision of big tech companies to permanently ban Alex Jones/Infowars from their platforms? We put this very question to members of our Underground Knowledge global discussion group in Goodreads – and the interim results are in.

To date, 54% of poll respondents DISLIKE the decision; 31% of respondents LIKE the decision; and 15% are UNSURE.



Controversial American radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


Respondents’ comments make for interesting reading.

A selection of (abridged) comments follow:

Definitely dislike. Here’s why: either freedom of speech exists or it doesn’t. We can’t say “Yes, I’ll allow it” when we like the message, and “Nope, I’ll ban this” when we don’t. The internet helped movements like the Arab Spring, #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, and we loved that, but let’s not forget that conspiracy theorists and propagandists have the right to use it too.

I voted dislike and think it could be the beginning of a slippery slope with more and more internet censorship. Given that most of our flow of information, and even much of formal child/adult education, is now done via the internet rather than physical books/papers/records, should we be concerned about increasing measures to censor the internet? It seemed to be a co-ordinated censorship of Alex Jones/Infowars where Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIN, Apple and Spotify all banned him on the exact same day… I’m no big fan of Alex Jones or Inforwars, by the way. I mean he/they do have some legit underreported facts and have exposed definite corruption over the years, but at the same time there are a lot of assumptions made and tinfoil hat-style leaps of faith thrown in the mix…

I may not like what someone has to say but I’ll defend the right they have to say it. Right now it’s Alex Jones but next it could be you. A slippery slope coated with grease…

Couldn’t care less if it was Alex Jones or Owen Jones on ‘trial by social media’ here. Leave it to the law and lawyers to work out what constitutes ‘hate speech’, incitement and all the rest, they’re far more qualified to do so.

This is not North Korea…. or Russia….. I definitely don’t support him, but I’m shocked by this kind of censorship.

I dislike what little I have heard of Alex Jones, but that is not the issue. Big companies tend to do what as few as one dictate, and the use of that power to inhibit free speech is fatal to our way of life. I would go for better enforcement of libel, slander, and other laws, but not the stomping on free speech by a very limited elite.

I voted dislike. The coordinated censorship in some regard is the right of the companies that reacted. If our government was not controlled by corporations freedom of speech would not be legitamently be part of this discussion, but such is not the case. The phobia of controversy is the engine of this insidious machine.

I do not believe in taking away freedom of speech in any way. It disturbs me greatly to see so many going after one man, who I don’t particularly enjoy watching, but sometimes he happens to be spot on with his challenges. 

What is even more disturbing is the amount of people that are happy to have such censorship! Alex Jones may make up some crap, but have you watched the news lately? They are full of crap too. Mostly putting forth their own opinions instead of giving “the facts and only the facts”.


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What do President Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Bill Gates and Prime Minister David Cameron, plus the founders and CEO’s of Google, Facebook and Amazon all have in common?

Each has attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group, an invitation-only organization whose annual conferences for the most part remain mysteriously off the record.

Bill Clinton.jpg Head and shoulders photo of Bill Gates

President Clinton and Bill Gates…confirmed Bilderbergers.

In The Ninth Orphan we shine a light on the little known Bilderberg Group and portray it as being America’s, and the world’s, shadow government. We present Bilderberg members as an elite club who pull the strings of various administrations around the globe.


“Bilderberg pulls the strings of every government and intelligence agency in the Western world.”The Ninth Orphan


Is there any truth behind this supposed political conspiracy?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

Independent researchers have long claimed the Bilderberg Group undermines democracy and influences everything from nations’ political leaders to the venue for the next war; the politicians and industrialists who attend say it’s nothing more than a think-tank, conducted without media coverage so the world’s most powerful can speak freely.

Certainly, it’s easy to see why conspiracy theories plague the group.

Bilderberg history

The Bilderberg Group takes its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg, in Oosterbeek, in the Netherlands, where the organization’s first meeting took place in 1954. Ever since, every Bilderberg conference has had almost complete media blackouts despite being held at prominent five-star resorts.

Hotel de Bilderberg.

Independent researchers point out this dearth of media coverage is highly unusual given the veritable who’s who of world leaders and movers-and-shakers in attendance each year. Certainly some high ranking journalists have written articles on Bilderberg conferences, but overall the events are ignored by mainstream media outlets.

American Bilderbergers

Within the last few years, Google’s former CEO and now Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes as well as Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of, have all attended Bilderberg conferences. In 2010, Microsoft founder and the world’s richest man Bill Gates attended his first Bilderberg conference at the Hotel Dolce, in Sitges, Spain.

Eric Schmidt at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 037.jpg  Chris Hughes.jpg

Eric Schmidt and Chris Hughes…confirmed Bilderberg conference attendees.

Other notable US political figures to have officially attended Bilderberg meetings include former Director of the CIA David Petraeus, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, President Gerald Ford as well as current Governor of Texas Rick Perry.

Condoleezza Rice cropped.jpg  President Gerald Ford, arms folded, in front of a United States Flag and the Presidential seal.

 Condoleezza Rice and President Gerald Ford…also confirmed attendees.

The Logan Act

Some political analysts say all American attendees of Bilderberg conferences have been in direct violation of the Logan Act – a federal law which prevents US citizens and representatives from making policy decisions in secret with foreign government officials.

However, the catch is that no Bilderberger has ever acknowledged engaging in policy-making during the meetings and there is no conclusive proof that any of them do.

Global Bilderbergers

On the international roster, Bilderbergers have included leaders of almost every Western nation, Swiss bankers, EU Commissioners and Royalty. Among past and present attendees are current Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher, the King of Spain Juan Carlos I and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.


Margaret Thatcher and Stephen Harper…among past and present Bilderbergers.

In 2013, current British Prime Minister David Cameron came under fire from the British press for attending a Bilderberg conference in Watford, England. On June 7, 2013, leading UK newspaper The Daily Mail reported that Cameron would “take part in a debate on the global economy” and that Downing Street said they “will not give details of what is discussed”.

Prime Minister Cameron also refused to provide any details of the time and day he would attend the conference – and this only a short while after promising the British public he would lead the “most open and transparent government in the world.”

In recent years with the economic rise of the East, the Bilderberg Group has for the first time begun inviting leading business and political figures from Asia, especially Japanese and Chinese citizens.


Nine had heard whisperings that the secretive Bilderberg Group was effectively the World Government, undermining democracy by influencing everything from nations’ political leaders to the venue for the next war. He recalled persistent rumors and confirmed media reports that the Bilderberg Group had such luminaries as Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush. Other Bilderberg members sprung forth from Nine’s memory bank. They included the founders and CEOs of various multinational corporations like Facebook, BP, Google, Shell and Amazon, as well as almost every major financial institution on the planet. The Ninth Orphan


Obama, Murdoch and the Bush/Clinton clans

In addition to the aforementioned Bilderbergers, who are all confirmed to have participated in at least one conference, there’s also a raft of other powerful figures suspected of having attended the group’s annual meetings.

For whatever reason, it appears some world leaders decide it is better for their reputation to meet other Bilderbergers secretly rather than officially. Some critics have speculated this may because these people wish to maintain their façade of being for the people rather than the elite. Or put another way, they don’t want it known that they represent the 1% instead of the 99%.

One such figure may be President Obama. Shortly before becoming the US President, Barack Obama was strongly rumored to have met with key Bilderberg members at or near their conference venue in Chantilly, Virginia, in 2008.

President Barack Obama

President Obama…rumor persists.

Veteran Bilderberg observer, Jim Tucker, phoned Obama’s office during the presidential election campaign to confirm whether he had attended the conference. A campaign spokeswoman refused to discuss the matter, but would not deny that Obama had attended.

Other rumored attendees include media mogul Rupert Murdoch and US presidents George Bush, Sr. and George W. Bush.

Hillary Studies

Hillary Clinton…Mum’s the word.

Hillary Clinton also denies having attended any Bilderberg meetings despite reported sightings of her at the locations of the 2006 (Toronto) and 2008 (Virginia) conferences.

Bill Clinton, however, was an official attendee of the 1991 Bilderberg conference in Germany while still a little known Governor of Arkansas; the following year he won the US Presidential Election.

The former US President has since reluctantly answered questions regarding his confirmed involvement with the secretive organization.


Some of the more independent thinkers in the media had compared Naylor’s unexpected rise to the top of the CIA ladder to that of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton – both of whom had a speedy ascension to the White House, catching many political analysts by surprise. The Ninth Orphan


The Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations is worth a brief study – if only to compare with the Bilderberg Group.

Another elitist, invitation-only organization which operates in almost total secrecy, the council has an equally impressive membership. Among its most famous members are Joe Biden, George Soros, George H.W. Bush, Richard Branson, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie.

5.3.10RichardBransonByDavidShankbone.jpg  Angelina Jolie - Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2012 (12) (headshot).jpg

Sir Richard Branson and Angelina Jolie…CFR members. 

It should be noted that many members of the Council on Foreign Relations have also attended Bilderberg conferences and the two organizations are apparently closely aligned…

…We are reminded of a line in the 2000 feature film The Skulls, which perfectly encapsulates our assessment of organizations like the Bilderberg Group and the CFR: “If it’s secret and elite, it can’t be good.”

Primary image for The Skulls

Blockbuster movie likened to real-life secret organizations.

People come up with all kinds of reasons to justify clandestine activities. Some say the masses are not smart enough and need wise old men to covertly influence voters. Others argue knights of the round table-style groups are needed to ensure the ill-informed public are not allowed to have too much power.

But however the invisible power players spin things, the truth is supporters of such elitist groups are deceiving themselves and others with such justifications.

The bottom line is: Any time a secret group usurps the collective will of the people, it’s wrong. Period.

One small confirmation of the dangers of secretive and elitist organizations comes from within police forces in the US and UK, and relates to Freemasonry. Senior American and British police chiefs have gone on the record recommending that police officers should not be permitted to join any Masonic lodge. The police chiefs concerned invariably cited fears that Freemason police officers would have conflicts of interest. That’s to say officers may at times put the interests of Freemasonry ahead of their police work.

Such dangers are obviously magnified a hundredfold when it comes to high ranking politicians being members of unaccountable organizations like the Bilderberg Group and the CFR.


Bilderberg’s modus operandi reinforced in his mind the complexity of the global hierarchy. He didn’t know if Omega controlled the Bilderberg Group or vice versa, but the situation reminded him that no matter how much anyone thought they knew about the New World Order elite, there were always higher levels in the plethora of secret societies and shadow organizations that ruled the planet.The Ninth Orphan


So what does all this mean exactly? Is it just a pile of the usual circumstantial evidence that seems to conveniently support many conspiracy theories? According to Belgian magnate and former Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon, that is exactly the case. In the January 22, 2011 edition of The Economist, Davignon said Bilderberg Group meetings allowed attendees to speak off-the-record and share opinions with major figures – without the risk of casual comments being taken out of context by the media.

On guard: Police patrol the grounds of The Grove hotel which is hosting the annual Bilderberg conference

Flashback to 2013 when the Bilderberg Conference was held in Britain for the first time since 1998 – at the plush (and secure) Grove Hotel, in Hertfordshire.

Those of Davignon’s school of thought propose that all conspiracy theories surrounding Bilderberg simply arise because of the group’s strict methods of ensuring absolute privacy of participants involved. Then again, it’s hard to believe the only decisions the world’s elite make at these exclusive resorts each year is what to order for dinner or what time to play golf!

Ring of steel: Police officers man a road block as delegates arrived for the four-day meeting

As for all Bilderberg conferences, security was predictably tight at the 2013 conference.

There’s also another possibility, or theory, in this discussion. It would lie about half way between the two extremes covered so far in this chapter.

This possibility would suggest that the powerful individuals who attend Bilderberg conferences have no devious intentions. On the contrary, all they really desire is to have informal chats with others at their own business or political level.

However, this would also suggest that in imperceptible ways leaders of different nations end up influencing each other’s policymaking. And therefore a globalist agenda would still end up circumventing democracy in the nations represented – albeit subtly and possibly without the awareness of conference attendees.

If this theory is true then the darker intentions would lie with the lesser known individuals running the Bilderberg Group. These invisible puppet masters would be using Bilderberg attendees to orchestrate world events to their liking. It could be argued that the carrots the organization dangles – especially assistance in climbing business or political ladders – tug at the personal ambitions of those attendees.

But, of course, we could be totally wrong about everything we wrote about the Bilderbergers in The Orphan Trilogy. In which case, you can go back to trusting your elected politicians and believing they have no ulterior motives and really do have your best interests at heart…


Read more in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at:

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Happy reading! –James & Lance




The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy, written by novelists and filmmakers James Morcan & Lance Morcan with a foreword by leading Japanese scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha, contains hard-to-find knowledge.


This non-fiction book is based on the political, scientific and financial insights in the Morcans’ bestselling international thriller series The Orphan Trilogy (novels that merge fact with fiction by incorporating real-world theories on public figures and major organizations). Now the authors provide detailed analysis for each one of those controversial theories.

In many ways, this exhaustively-researched work is the secret history of the 20th and 21st Centuries. But more than a history, it reveals what is happening right now behind the scenes – in underground bunkers, in the corridors of power, in prime banks and meetings of the world’s elite.

The Morcans connect the dots between many nefarious events in recent times and strip away the seemingly infinite classified layers of governments and intelligence agencies. Shockingly, they expose a splinter civilization operating in our midst that has at its disposal extraordinary suppressed technologies, unlimited resources and enormous black budgets – all inadvertently financed by everyday taxpayers.

Garnering evidence from court cases, declassified government files and mainstream media reports, the authors disclose little-known facts on a wide range of topics. Diverse subjects such as mind control, eugenics, false flag operations, The Queen’s hidden assets, secret prisons, The Catcher in the Rye enigma, political assassinations, medical cover-ups, genius learning techniques, Yamashita’s Gold, the Jonestown mystery, Americanized Nazis, the bankrupting of Third World nations, underground bases, the US Federal Reserve, the New World Order, forbidden science, the War on Drugs, subliminal messages and even extraterrestrials.

The criminals caught like deer in the headlights of these whistleblowing revelations include corrupt officials, racists, secret society members, warmongers, compromised journalists, economic hitmen, modern-day Doctor Frankensteins and mysterious individuals rumored to have wealth that would dwarf the net worth of Bill Gates and others on Forbes’ so-called Rich Lists.

Written from multiple perspectives; at times giving voice to conspiracy theorists; on other occasions siding with sceptics; vacillating between serious investigative writing and tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating humor – The Orphan Conspiracies delivers a balanced exposé of some of the most important conspiracy theories of our time.

In their unflinching quest for truth and justice, the Morcans take no prisoners as they ‘subpoena’ the global elite – be they banksters, US Presidents, British Royals, Big Pharma, the Vatican, the FBI, the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex or the founders and CEO’s of multinational corporations like Facebook, Shell, Google, BP and Microsoft. No suspicious individual or organization is granted immunity in this no-holds-barred trial conducted on behalf of The People.

Go beyond rumors and conspiracy theories to documented facts and confirmed reality and find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes

The Orphan Conspiracies: 29...

The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy – available now via Amazon at: