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Two thirds of respondents in the latest poll in our Underground Knowledge discussion group on state they don’t believe the official 9/11 story that World Trade Center 7 (aka Building 7) collapsed solely as a result of fires.


The poll, which ends April 3rd, poses the following question: Do you believe World Trade Center 7 (aka Building 7), which no plane hit on 9/11, collapsed solely due to fires as per the official story?

Interim results are: 67% say No; 19% say Yes; 14% are unsure.

This comment from one respondent is typical of most received to date: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Building 7 was all part of the plan to make it look like a terrorist attack. Big buildings like that don’t just collapse unless explosives are set in just the right places to cause a controlled implosion.”

More comments follow:

I don’t think many people even know about Bldg 7 – which just goes to show you how they quickly controlled the media and everything to hide the obvious.


I recall a firefighter saying he heard the owner of the building saying to “pull it”. Soon afterward, the building collapsed. The term “pull it” is often used as a demolition term, meaning to activate the explosives to bring a building down.


The mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9/11 — Governor Jesse Ventura investigates (video)… Jesse Ventura, the 38th Governor of Minnesota, investigates the bizarre collapse of Building 7 on 9/11.


I believe it was all designed to bring in the anti-terrorism laws that have since stripped the American people of most of their rights and freedoms. Something the Canadian government is trying to bring about too now.


I heard Building 7 was not even investigated in the government’s official 9/11 investigation (which many say had as much credibility as the Warren Commission…)


A man in the UK successfully defended his non-payment of the TV licence by claiming that the BBC knew about WTC 7’s collapse about 20 minutes before it actually did, that they denied this fact, and therefore they were part of the terrorist plot, and his payment of the licence fee would in effect mean that he was providing aid to a terrorist group.


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We posed this question to members of our ‘Underground Knowledge’ group (on in our latest poll – and early results show 42% of poll respondents believe the Boston Marathon bombings were orchestrated by intelligence agencies.

Flashback to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Only 27% of poll respondents believe the bombings were masterminded by Islamic terrorists and 31% are unsure.

A random selection of poll respondents’ comments follow (names withheld):

I (am) convinced that this incident was planned by the US inteligent agencies. They wanted more budget for themselves.


I believe that the Boston Marathon Bombing was caused by a terror attack, however I’m still ascertaining from whom, as it seemed too convenient to be Islamic Terrorists. Devastating, yet convenient. 


The aim as with past agendas aimed at imposing a totalitarian government upon a people is to get them to willingly hand over their guns under the pretext of quelling gun violence or preventing terrorist threats, rendering the population powerless to defend itself against military rule.


If performed by “terrorists” they were not the brightest of their ilk. Minimal long lasting effects not worthy of Bin-Laden…This event, however, seems to have provided a forum for the “peace-seeking” gun lovers. Lets at least recognize that we are in silly season.


I recommend these two videos to learn more about this subject…Former FBI employee Sibel Edmonds on the Boston Bombing and the US roots of “Chechen” terrorism:…  …Former CIA agent Robert David Steele gives his opinion on the Boston bombing:…  


North: Aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings

The gruesome aftermath.


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