Now that Amazon have added Japan to their ever-growing list of sites to carry Kindle ebooks, our novels are finally available to Japanese readers!

This brings to seven sites internationally, including Japan, that the digital versions of our novels are selling in – the others being the US (also serves India and Canada), Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Unsurprisingly, the early signs from the Land of the Rising Sun are that of all three of our published novels, Japanese readers are most interested in our international thriller, The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1). Not surprising given a prominent sub-plot in this novel concerns Yamashita’s Gold.

Yamashita’s Gold, also referred to as Yamashita’s Treasure, is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels and underground complexes in the Philippines. It is named for the Japanese general Tomoyuki Yamashita, nicknamed “The Tiger of Malaya”.

See our YouTube post for more info:

Find out more about Yamashita’s Gold in our novel The Ninth Orphan here:

The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1)

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