Canadian readers resonate with ‘Fiji’, our historical novel set in 19th Century Fiji

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Fiji: A Novel
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Coinciding with Amazon’s expansion of its kindle ebooks into Canada, our historical adventure-romance Fiji: A Novel has entered Amazon Canada’s bestseller list in the Historical Books category.

Fiji: A Novel

Amazon Top 500 reviewer, Great Historicals, has this to say about Fiji: A Novel in a 5-star review:

Ever since I read the Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy as a teen, I have been drawn to exotic stories about the South Pacific. Fiji immediately drew my interest and I was more than pleased with this fascinating novel.
If you like your stories straight up, told like it really was, and without any sugar coating, then Fiji is sure to please. This novel transcends gender and will appeal to both male and female readers. The characters in the story fascinated me, evolving and adapting to their circumstances and surroundings. The underlying romance that weaves itself through the story is beautifully written and credible as the couple move from intense dislike to meaningful love.
This book had a bit of everything ‘ sex, violence, humor, historic detail, and plenty of twists to keep one reading. A warning for all readers – in keeping with the authentic tone throughout, you will come across scenes of ritualistic slaughter and cannibalism. A fabulous novel, beautiful for its blunt rawness, exotic scenery, and fascinating storyline. Definitely one to pick up and read. The Kindle version is less than a dollar! A quality book for sure!
To order the kindle ebook version of Fiji: A Novel go to:
Also available as a trade paperback.

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