A review of our historical, action/adventure/romance Fiji: A Novel – by Amazon reviewer L. Townsend – comes with a warning: “Don’t start this book expecting to be able to put it down before finishing it.”

Review excerpts follow below.

Fiji: A Novel

Excerpts from L. Townsend’s review follow:

4 of 5 stars false 

A Swashbuckling Romantic Adventure Set In The South Pacific!!!!!!

Fiji: A Novel snared my attention from the book’s beginning…

…Lance & James Morcan, the authors, have written an awesome story with a bit
of everything: history, snippets of everyday swashbuckling life in the South
Pacific, a love story, and thrilling adventure.. There’s also shark callers,
flame walkers, convicts, pseudo voodoo and more…

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Fiji: A Novel as the authors developed the characters and the story…
The reader will be treated to a multitude of unexpected twists and turns…
Warning: Don’t start this book expecting to be able to put it down before finishing it.
Also, thank you to the authors for the epilogue which lets the reader know what happens to the tribe, islands, and remaining characters in the ensuing years. A much appreciated wrap to the story.

Bottomline: I look forward to reading more by these authors.

To read the full review, or to access the first few chapters of Fiji: A Novel free, or to buy the novel, go to: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0057YCZM0/


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