Newly released World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1) resonates with readers and book critics alike, so far attracting all 5-star reviews from Amazon reviewers.

World Odyssey follows the fortunes of three young travelers as each embarks on an epic journey. Their dramatic adventures span sixteen years and see them engage with American Indians, Barbary Coast pirates, Aborigines, Maoris and Pacific Islanders as they travel around the world – from America to Africa, from England to the Canary Islands, to Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.

Here’s a snapshot of what Amazon reviewers are saying about this novel:

“A highly readable…novel…Download this now!!” -Alice M. Dinizo

“A rip-roaring historical adventure…a heroic journey.” -‘Cloud’

“I felt as if I were a passenger…in exotic locales.” -Sheri A. Wilkinson

“Great Historical Saga…a cast of intriguing characters who are motivated by their own dreams. -Karine Bregeon

Readers are reminded World Odyssey is book one and Fiji: A Novel is book two in the new-release The World Duology




        Available as kindle ebooks on Amazon

If these books sound like you, here’s the appropriate kindle ebook links:

World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1):

Fiji: A Novel (The World Duology, #2):

The World Duology (World Odyssey / Fiji: A Novel):


Happy reading! –Lance & James




  1. They do look interesting. I’m intrigued. One question though — why did you release Book 2 (Fiji) first?

    • lancemorcan says:

      Hi Sandra – Good question! Because Book 1 (World Odyssey) was an afterthought. It was only after readers of Fiji expressed interest in our characters’ back stories that we decided to write World Odyssey. As it comes first chronologically, we’ve called it Book 1.

  2. vermontverst says:

    Are there any free (library) copies of these? I’d like to review them, but am a bit short on finances. Would love to collaborate with you and help you get some publicity!

    • lancemorcan says:

      Thanks mate. Fiji: A Novel and The Ninth Orphan are our only books available as trade paperbacks (via Amazon or CreateSpace). Some libraries may stock them. Otherwise most will order them if requested. They and our other books are also available as kindle ebooks. We plan to bring all our books out as trade paperbacks in due course.
      What did you have in mind regarding collaboration? Email me at

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