Majority polled say past civilizations more scientifically evolved

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Underground Knowledge
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In response to the latest poll on our ‘Underground Knowledge’ group on asking, Do you believe the world in 2015 is the most scientifically evolved civilization in the history of the Earth? — some 55% of poll respondents say no.

Only 19% of those polled say yes the world today is the most scientifically evolved citivilization and 26% are unsure. These are interim results only.

Some of the comments received from those polled makes for interesting reading…

Here’s a sample of comments received (names withheld):

Oh, hell no!


I’ll say yes until someone unearths a Mayan computer with internet capabilities. 


There are many evidences of ancient civilizations which were very differet from ours. Some of them are concelaled from our eyes. Please open your eyes.   


If ETs did visit Earth…then that would be part of this planet’s history and the technologies they brought with them would have to be factored into the equation.


If you want evidence try reading the articles on this website – 


What never ceases to amaze me is how often people go through life noticing what needs to be noticed and overlooking what needs to be overlooked to protect the old familiar beliefs and paradigms. Cultures as well as individuals do it, sometimes for the sake of their own ego.


I believe there is ample evidence to show the ancients had technologies that achieved results we would say were/are impossible…Building pyramids more mathematically precise than modern man could do, having intimate knowledge of star constellations only recently discovered or still yet to be discovered, etc etc.

It’s difficult to have a real debate on the science of ancient cultures with people who have not done “independent” research into the past and have just assumed we are at the zenith of civilization right now.



To check out all the comments, or better still to have YOUR say go to:

Poll closes January 12.


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