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We put it to the members of our ‘Underground Knowledge’ discussion group on whether there’s evidence for the existence of scientifically advanced ancient civilizations in our past, and the feedback received shows that many of our members believe there’s evidence aplenty.

The Aroi Sun Kingdom of the Pacific- oldest ancient civilization in the world 

A random selection of members’ comments (names withheld) follows – the first four being from historians:

Perhaps if we dig deep for ancient civilizations other than those of which we are aware, we just might learn some things, some ways of life, that we seriously need to learn to evolve as better beings and less destructive beings.


Check out B E Dennis’ Crystal Skull Trilogy…a very interesting read. And a kind of related thought for those who are interested in past life regression: what might those uncover? If we are going to go exploring for truths we might consider every possible path to them. It would be interesting to see which of the “powers” individually and collectively, would object strenuously to such expeditions.


Wow, an interesting dialogue. As a college history major, I agree that there are agendas and mistakes. However, as you begin to move forward in a career in history, you have to be aware of the realities of the job. You can be brilliant, but if you are starving, you end up conforming.


For this discussion I would recommend Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients. I am not familiar with this one but it might be of interest as well: The Anti-Gravity Handbook.


I think the best evidence for a scientifically advanced civilization is in Egypt. The precision machining of granite for sarcophagi, statues, etc. is perhaps better than we can do right now. Some people argue that we don’t have the technology to build the Giza pyramids or that it would at least take billions of dollars to achieve. I think there are some simpler explanations for many out-of-place artifacts, especially those found in rock that is apparently very old.


In several hindu scripts some surprising thing are found. the origin of universe as described in Rig veda is very much similar to the big bang theory! in epics like mahabharat we can find accounts about nuclear wars. I have heard that the ground in which the war was fought is absolutely barren and not a single grass grows there.


In Purana we can see that many vedic saints used to travel in flying machines. The question is why the ancient people have written about humans flying with gods? Moreover many priests used to worship god in one place at morning and in other place many kms away at evening. How they used to do that?


In 1513, a map was drawn by Piri Reis on Gazelle skin. The map shows the western coast of Africa, eastern coast of South America and northern coast of Antarctica. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw an accurate map of Antarctic region 300years before it was discovered, but the map shows the coastline under ice. Latest day evidence confirms that Queen Maud land could have been in an ice free state is 4000BC. So the Piri Reis map shows the northern part of Antarctic before the ice did cover it. The question is was the map was drawn 6000 years ago? Then how did they do it as technology was not so good then.


In my opinion there are quite a few people in academia who have different ideas (in many subject areas), but are afraid to pursue them for fear of damaging their careers.


Look at how much resistance Robert Schoch got when he said the Sphinx had to be older because of the water weathering. Geologists who saw the evidence all agreed but Egyptologists had a hissy fit. Now we have Gobekli Tepe which shows that human civilizations were capable of complex projects at least 12,000 years ago. Also Gunung Padong and probably more sites will come to light.


Check out the various myths of the Lost Civlizations of the Ancients:…


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In response to the latest poll on our ‘Underground Knowledge’ group on asking, Do you believe the world in 2015 is the most scientifically evolved civilization in the history of the Earth? — some 55% of poll respondents say no.

Only 19% of those polled say yes the world today is the most scientifically evolved citivilization and 26% are unsure. These are interim results only.

Some of the comments received from those polled makes for interesting reading…

Here’s a sample of comments received (names withheld):

Oh, hell no!


I’ll say yes until someone unearths a Mayan computer with internet capabilities. 


There are many evidences of ancient civilizations which were very differet from ours. Some of them are concelaled from our eyes. Please open your eyes.   


If ETs did visit Earth…then that would be part of this planet’s history and the technologies they brought with them would have to be factored into the equation.


If you want evidence try reading the articles on this website – 


What never ceases to amaze me is how often people go through life noticing what needs to be noticed and overlooking what needs to be overlooked to protect the old familiar beliefs and paradigms. Cultures as well as individuals do it, sometimes for the sake of their own ego.


I believe there is ample evidence to show the ancients had technologies that achieved results we would say were/are impossible…Building pyramids more mathematically precise than modern man could do, having intimate knowledge of star constellations only recently discovered or still yet to be discovered, etc etc.

It’s difficult to have a real debate on the science of ancient cultures with people who have not done “independent” research into the past and have just assumed we are at the zenith of civilization right now.



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Poll closes January 12.


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