Today’s Top 10 ‘Favorited’ Tweets from Morcan Books & Films @SterlingGate

Sterling Gate Books@SterlingGate

1.  50 Shades of Pink… Read about cannibals with pink hair in 19th Century bondage!  via @wordpressdotcom

2.  Hey British readers: The Kindle edition of Fiji, an historical novel, is available on Amazon UK #London #London2012

3.  All things in Fiji are paid for in blood. Find out why in Fiji: A Novel, an historical adventure #AmazonUK #London

4.  Cannibals with shocking pink hair? It’s true. Read about it in Fiji: A Novel – an historical adventure #London #UK

5.  Romney or Obama? Doesn’t matter. Read the thriller novel The Ninth Orphan to learn who wields the real power #Election

6.  YouTube video: Britain’s stolen gold reserves worth Trillions (The Ninth Orphan)

7.   The Queen is one of the wealthiest people in the world, if not THE wealthiest. This book covers secret Royal assets #UK

8.   Our new release thriller The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2) is in Amazon’s highest rated spy novels list

9.   New spy thriller on Amazon Germany: The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2) #Berlin

10.  New thriller on Amazon France. Ebooks en langues étrangères > Ebooks en anglais > Thrillers> Spy Stories #Paris

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