The first reviews are in for The Orphan Uprising, our third novel in The Orphan Trilogy, and they are real doozies! All 5-star reviews.

It’s early days yet, but the reviews confirm our belief this is a worthy finale to the series.

Here’s a sample of what reviewers are saying about The Orphan Uprising on Amazon:

Nine’s caught in a living nightmare. Instead of being present for the impending birth of his second child, he’s on a mission to find his firstborn. The Omega Agency has found his family…When the remaining Orphans are deprogrammed all hell breaks loose. The Law and Order like twists keep you on the edge of your seat. An extreme roller coaster ride of emotions awaits the reader. You won’t be able to put it down. – reviewer Wandalyn Thomas

Nine’s persona is fully realized in this sequel and there are unexpected character developments within the ranks of the other orphans that turned out to be very touching…This trilogy was just plain well worth the read. I was glad to find out that this book was ready and I was able to get closure about the orphans as the table turns on Omega Corporation. -Amazon book reviewer Kim Rhym

The books contained in this trilogy are great reads that requires one to re-discipline one’s self because once one starts reading anyone of the trilogies, it cannot be put down…you will not be able to put this book down until you finish it…That is how addictive and enjoyable this book is. It is truly a triller! –Amazon book reviewer Oluremilekun Cole

For the full reviews and more go to:

Happy reading! -Lance & James


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