First Al Qaeda…now ISIS…Roll up, roll up! Who’s next? (Speculation that Al Qaeda’s a creation of the West).

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Underground Knowledge
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An article originally published by Global Research in 2005, shedding light on the nature of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, has prompted a timely debate in our ‘Underground Knowledge’ discussion group on – timely in view of the havoc ISIS are currently wreaking.

The article points to Al Qaeda being an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of an outside enemy threatening the security of the Western World.

Al Qaeda and Taliban Uniting With Pakistani Terrorists Against U.S. in Afghanistan

Al Qaeda members pictured with Pakistani Taliban.


Brief excerpts from the Global Research article follow:

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.

Courtesy of World Affairs, a journal based in New Delhi, WMR can bring you an important excerpt from an Apr.-Jun. 2004 article by Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence. “I first heard about Al-Qaida while I was attending the Command and Staff course in Jordan. I was a French officer at that time and the French Armed Forces had close contacts and cooperation with Jordan . . .

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money…”


Here’s a random selection of comments from ‘Underground Knowledge’ group members (names withheld) in response to the above article:

That should be a must read! Especially with what’s going on right now in Syria/Iraq et al. ISIS, ISIL, IS… Al Queada… The ‘enemy’ keeps changing. The ‘enemy’s’ name and location keeps changing. We’re getting more and more used to a war that doesn’t really bother a lot of the West, when the video of someone’s cat on YouTube is more important. You have all read 1984, right?


It seems like once the media repeats the names and evil intentions of these often-fabricated organizations enough times, the masses believe it and nobody (not even investigative journalists) researches the true origins of these groups.


Yes it’s all BS. Believe exactly 0% of what the main stream media and the government says…0%


This story is just one of numerous pieces of evidence pointing toward Al Qaeda being created in the West (specifically in New York, actually). And when all those evidences are added up, it equates to an absolute fact that Al Qaeda was yet another fabricated enemy we built in the US for sinister purposes. And yet now there’s a new enemy in ISIS and still people never study history before reacting to the exact things in the present that the globalists want us to react to.


RT have reported on the FBI inventing terrorists. Apparently, since 9/11, only 11 cases of ‘terrorist arrests’ posed a “potentially significant” threat to the United States. The rest of ’em are pretty much FBI entrapments to make the threat of terrorism on home ground look more worrying that it is.


I often wonder what other trouble the US causes…because they want to then turn around and be the heroes and “save” the world! The US, unfortunately, has a reputation for instigating problems, and then standing back and watching everything unfold. Then when it all goes to shit…


Agreed, because it’s to the detriment of the American people that so much of the annual US budget is being spent on foreign policy and military expenditure – and so little on The People…


ISIS allegedly just burned to death a Jordanian pilot, but even someone slightly educated about Islam would know that there are several hadith that strongly & specifically forbid execution by burning & it is strictly forbidden in Islamic law.


Ignorance is a problem indeed. And such infiltration and entrapment seems to be rife not only amongst Muslim groups, but with all sorts of protest groups as well, as you probably know.


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