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Depression Carpenter – by Java Davis

The publisher describes this book as “A Road Trip through the Gulf States during The Great Depression.”

The storyline:

A young man, Jackson “Jake” Ferry, born into a privileged New York family, loses them in a car accident. Young and wealthy, he needs to justify his existence during The Great Depression. He is skilled in carpentry and drives around the Gulf of Mexico, working on building projects with his peculiar friend and partner from Florida, Chin, who has cheerfully abandoned his family in favor of an adventure. Together, they travel an amazing road trip, helping poor folks along the way, repairing their homes and their lives.Eventually, Jake lands in Galveston, where he stays to help rebuild the island after their first Great Flood, building an inter-racial school for the island’s orphans.The road trip comes to an end in with Jake back in New York City, an older and wiser man with an internal compass to guide his path.


My review:

This is a must-read!

Of DEPRESSION CARPENTER, the author says, “It’s a journey I wish I could have taken, and I’m pleased to share it with others.” Having read this journey of self discovery, this reviewer can totally relate to those sentiments.

Nostalgic, beautifully written and totally believable, this is (recent) historical fiction at its best. It’s high concept, too…a road trip like none other: a veritable ride through the Great Depression.

For those who enjoy adventure and a darned good tale, this is a must-read! A worthy five stars. –Lance


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Happy reading!





Our top rating conspiracy thriller novel THE NINTH ORPHAN (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) has achieved another milestone, registering its 50th Five-Star review on Amazon.

Book reviewer Johnny April says “The Ninth Orphan is packed with suspense, romance, and memorable characters.”

Here’s the review in full:


Great Action, Suspense, and Memorable Characters    -June 1, 2014


In the Ninth Orphan, we meet Nine, who is actually named Sebastian, as he is trying to escape from The Omega Agency, a covert spy agency that recruits orphans to do their dirty work. Since he just can’t leave, he is tracked by his mentor, Kentbridge, and another spy named 17. All the spies in the agency are named by numbers instead of their names.

Much of the story is the chase as Nine is trying to elude members of the covert agency. He has martial arts skills and is a master of disguise. There are some great fight and chase scenes along with some memorable moments aboard a train. That, along with a great romance with Isabella kept the story moving along for me at a fast pace.

What I like the most about this story is that there are some TV shows that also work since this is based on a conspiracy theory. If you’re a fan of the hit series Nikita, then you should also enjoy this book. As for me, I not only enjoy Nikita but I also like the South Korean dramas that also work off conspiracy theories such as IRIS, IRIS 2, and Athena, Goddess of War.

The Ninth Orphan is packed with suspense, romance, and memorable characters. I’m happy to give it five stars.



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Happy reading! –Lance & James




The 100th review for our conspiracy thriller The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) was posted on Amazon today. A 5-Star review, it maintains this top rating novel’s 4-Star average rating with reviewers.

In this milestone review, reviewer Nihar Sharma describes The Ninth Orphan as “an engaging thriller”.

Here’s the review in full:

Thrilling suspense!!

The Ninth Orphan is a fast paced action thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat as you delve deep into the world of the Omega organization, its infiltration within the CIA, and the story of Orphan number Nine.

Sebastian, or Nine (as he is known), has had a traumatic childhood and is struggling to start a new life, away from the danger and secrecy of the spy agency which raised him, and many others, to become skilled assassins. Nine is a master of disguises, but his former employees are as sharp as him and they cannot allow him to leave, owing to the information he carries.
Will they be able to catch him before he disappears? What will be his fate?

The author has written an engaging thriller, but there is also a very touching emotional element within the story – The relationship between Nine and Isabella, and the craving he feels to be known and loved. I guess, that is something that we all go through at some point of time and this definitely makes the tale more realistic and believable.

A fine read. Recommended!

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Happy reading! –Lance & James



Strange. Quirky. Lecherous. Unusual. Odd even. These are all ways I’d describe the storyline and the writing in PEOPLE LIKE US. But above all…it’s compelling and a genuine page-turner!

The writing oozes quality, freshness and humor. Especially humor. Nice little touches that ease the tension.

This book is totally unique – like nothing I’ve personally read before. Helped no doubt by the first person approach, it feels like the writer is sitting right next to you, relating the story by way of a live chat over a cuppa.

Speaking of cuppas, if you like your murder mysteries served with an intriguing and entertaining dash of cynicism, this book’s for you! Five Stars. –Lance Morcan


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The Scars of Ambition – by Jason Letts

Book splurge:

The ancient family sword’s immaculate steel blade reminded him that there were still parts of the world where this was the only weapon people had, the old ways were still alive and well, and there were creatures out there and powerful things beyond what he could ever imagine.”

Lowell Bracken had complete control. His empire, his ruthless executives, his family’s legacy, his wife, his children, they all had a part to play in the near omnipotent control he exerted in Cumeria. But a freak attack exposed how tenuous that control really is, and Lowell scrambles to preserve it, discovering he is only playing a small part in larger, darker schemes for control.

From the shadows, mysterious and disturbing threats disrupt the already-turbulent business landscape in Cumeria. When blood is spilled, the fight for survival becomes more than just a euphemism for going out of business, and the Brackens’ struggles to retain order might be the only thing keeping all of Cumeria from plunging into chaos.


Book review: 5 Stars

Plaudits for this superior read

Sci-fi/fantasy novels are not my preferred genre. So it says a lot for this first book of ‘The Cumerian Unraveling’ that I literally couldn’t put it down and I finished reading it in one sitting!

It’s a quick read. This may have something to do with the fact it’s only 95,000 words give or take, but I
suspect it’s more to do with the superior storyline crafted by author Jason Letts: it’s fast-paced and action-filled with very little downtime.

The book’s catchy tagline – “The battlefield meets the boardroom” – nicely sums up this highly original story of corporate espionage, wealthy families and political intrigue. It beautifully sets up the sequel, ‘The Vendetta Clause’. Can’t wait! -Lance

*   *   *

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Happy reading! –Lance & James






The Pinata-Maker’s Daughter (The Marisol Trilogy) – by Eileen Clemens Granfors

Book splurge:
In this worthy coming-of-age prequel to Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead, we follow the struggle of Carmen Principia to achieve her dreams, despite her impoverished beginnings as the Pinata-Maker’s daughter in San Ysidro, California. She has a college degree in mind; her mother wants her to hone her skills in what else? pinata-making! Add relationships with men and a challenging roommate. The results are an emotional, sometimes comic, adventure in learning about the real world beyond the ivory tower of the U.
Book review:  5 Stars 
It was with some misgivings that this middle-aged male read this coming-of-age tale about Carmen, a Mexican girl embarking on her journey through life in a new land. Wow…was I pleasantly surprised!
The author’s turn of phrase hooked me in from the Prologue onwards. (Try this sample excerpt: In Mexico City, I felt like a sparrow among flocks of parakeets, the colorful clothes and the chatter of thousands of people. Mama spread her striped serape to draw me close and keep me safe. I trembled against her like a shy toddler.)
Eileen Granfors’ decision to relate young Carmen’s endearing story in the First Person has proved masterful. This reader felt as though he was right there, experiencing the highs and lows of the piñata-maker’s daughter and her over-protective solo mom as they carved out a new life for themselves over the border, in southern California.
I unreservedly recommend this book to anyone – male or female – who enjoys stories about love, families, relationships, traditions and traditional values. You won’t be disappointed. -Lance
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Happy Reading! -Lance & James