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Readers are resonating with our new epic historical adventure series, ‘The World Duology (World Odyssey / Fiji: A Novel)’, which has already entered Amazon’s bestseller list in the Kindle eBooks Action & Adventure/Travel category.

Duology already a bestseller

Set in the nineteenth century, The World Duology follows the fortunes of three young travelers. Their dramatic adventures span sixteen years and see them engage with American Indians, Barbary Coast pirates, Aborigines, Maoris and Pacific Islanders as they travel around the world – from America to Africa, from England to the Canary Islands, to Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji.

The early reviews for The World Duology are in. All five stars, they show the series has struck a chord with readers hungry for adventure and romance stories in a historical setting.

Sample reviews (abridged) follow:

The World Duology is not to be missed!! – January 4, 2014

The Morcans have combined their novels “Fiji” and “World Odyssey” into a novel that readers everywhere will enjoy. Its three believable main characters come to live in the southern Pacific island of Fiji in the 1840s. Cockney British convict Jack Halliday, American adventurer Nathan Johnson, and English gentle woman Susannah Drake, who insists on accompanying her missionary father to Fiji, live their lives believably, humanly, and will continue in readers minds long after the last page has been read. This is historic fiction at its best, for “The World Duology” is very, very readable. It is also historically accurate…Well-created characters, historic accuracy, a storyline that is pleasing to follow to the very last page, books don’t get better than this! -Amazon reviewer Alice M. Dinizo

A fantastic two book story of adventure at sea and exotic locales. – January 2, 2014

Set in the 19th century, Nathan Johnson, Jack Halliday & Missionary Susannah Drake each for their own reasons are sent to sea…Along the way they face danger, pirates, murder, death and interesting and (some) dangerous people, as they sail around the globe. Well written with great detail, I felt as if I were a passenger, watching and setting port in exotic locales. Susannah with her naive ways is likable, Nathan has character and Jack has likable traits as well…Both Books are fantastic. I recommend reading…one after the other to really get the entire story in on sitting. If not each book is great as a stand alone. I highly recommend to adventure lovers. –Amazon reviewer Sheri A. Wilkinson


The new release title is available at a discounted price to Kindle ebook readers via Amazon at:


Happy reading! –Lance & James







Hot on the heels of last week’s release of our historical adventure World Odyssey comes the release this week of The World Duology (World Odyssey / Fiji: A Novel).

The popularity of both novels bodes well for the duology. World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1) has already entered Amazon’s bestseller lists in its relevant category, and Fiji: A Novel (The World Duology, #2) has been a permanent fixture in Amazon’s bestseller lists in recent months.

World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1)  

        Now available as two books in one. 

Here’s the storyline:

The World Duology books are set in the nineteenth century. They follow the fortunes of three young travelers. Their dramatic adventures span sixteen years and see them engage with American Indians, Barbary Coast pirates, Aborigines, Maoris and Pacific Islanders as they travel around the world – from America to Africa, from England to the Canary Islands, to Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji.

In book one, World Odyssey, ambitious American adventurer Nathan Johnson, sheltered English missionary Susannah Drake and irrepressible Cockney Jack Halliday each follow very different paths.

World Odyssey

Nathan’s journey begins when runs away to sea and finds himself the slave of a Northwest American Indian tribe after his ship founders on the rocky coast; Susannah’s journey begins after she agrees to accompany her clergyman father to Fiji to help him run a mission station there, and they must endure a nightmare voyage they’re lucky to survive; Jack’s journey begins when he’s sentenced to seven years’ hard labor in the British penal colony of New South Wales after stealing hemp from an unscrupulous employer.

After traveling thousands of miles and experiencing the best and worst that life can offer, these three disparate individuals eventually end up in the remote archipelago of Fiji, in the South Pacific, where their lives intersect.

Fiji: A Novel

In book two, Fiji: A Novel, Jack sets himself up to trade Fijian kauri to European traders while Nathan trades muskets to the same natives Susannah and her father are trying to convert to Christianity. Conflict’s inevitable.

Susannah despises Nathan, but is also attracted to him. She soon finds she’s torn between her spiritual and sexual selves.

When their lives are suddenly endangered by marauding cannibals, all three are forced to rely on each other for their very survival.


The new release title is available at a discounted price to Kindle ebook readers via Amazon at:

Happy reading! –Lance & James



Although launched less than a week ago, our new release title, World Odyssey (the World Duology, #1), is receiving feedback from readers impressed by its cover. Little wonder: the cover image is a copy of The Ninth Wave, the most celebrated work of 19th Century Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky.

The Ninth Wave / oil on canvass / 1850

Aivazovsky was born in the Crimea to a poor Armenian family. His talent as an artist earned him sponsorship and entry to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from which he graduated with a gold medal. Earning awards for his early landscapes and seascapes, he went on to paint a series of portraits of Crimean coastal towns before travelling throughout Europe. In later life, his paintings of naval scenes earned him a long-standing commission from the Russian Navy stationed in the Black Sea…

Aivazovsky by Bolotov, 1876.jpg

Ivan Aivazovsky

…Aivazovsky is best known for his seascapes and coastal scenes. His technique and imagination in depicting the shimmering play of light on the waves and sea foam is especially admired, and gives his seascapes a romantic yet realistic quality that echoes the work of English watercolorist JMW Turner. Especially effective is his ability to depict diffuse sunlight and moonlight, sometimes coming from behind clouds, sometimes coming through a fog, with almost transparent layers of paint. A series of paintings of naval battles painted in the 1840s brought his dramatic skills to the fore, with the flames of burning ships reflected in water and clouds. He also painted landscapes, including scenes of peasant life in Ukraine and city life in İstanbul. -Wikipedia

We were so taken with Aivazovsky’s The Ninth Wave we chose it as the backdrop for the cover of our new release title World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1). Hope you agree it’s a great choice! We think it’s appropriate as our characters travel the world primarily by sea in this 19th Century historical adventure.

World Odyssey (The World Duology, #1) is available via Amazon at:


Happy reading! –Lance & James





I just finished filming OZ-Bollywood feature films MY CORNERSTONE and LOVE YOU KRISHNA, which I wrote the screenplays for and acted lead roles in. We filmed both features simultaneously. It was a massive job and sleep has been at a premium of late! We just finished the Indian leg of the shoot in Mumbai after filming for two months before that here in Sydney. -James

James on the set of LOVE YOU KRISHNA.


Here are the IMDb links for both films:



More news about these two films to follow!




 The following media release is dated 17 October 2012 PST:


New Zealand-born actor James Morcan has been cast to play leading roles in upcoming Australian-Indian films ‘My Cornerstone’ and ‘Love You Krishna’.

James (34) is also the screenwriter on both productions which will be filmed in Sydney, Australia and several locations on the Indian subcontinent.

Indian-Australian filmmaker Stanley Joseph, of World Pictures Australia, is producing and directing ‘Love You Krishna’ and ‘My Cornerstone’. The stories for the films, which are quirky romantic comedies exploring multiculturalism and spiritual faith, reflect some of Joseph’s own experiences as an Indian migrant in Australia.

James, who resides in Sydney, is also a film producer and novelist. Recent productions he has performed in include the Australian independent feature film ‘The Pawn’ and ‘Ben Hur: The Stadium Spectacular’ with Russell Crowe. Morcan was also Executive Producer on last year’s New Zealand feature film ‘Desired’ which premiered at Cannes Marche du Film in France.

As an author, James co-writes novels with his Bay of Plenty-based father Lance Morcan. Their recently published novels include ‘The Ninth Orphan’, an international thriller, ‘The Orphan Factory’, a coming-of-age spy thriller, and ‘Fiji: A Novel’, an historical adventure.

‘My Cornerstone’ and ‘Love You Krishna’ will be shot simultaneously. Filming is scheduled to begin next month.



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