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“An immensely entertaining romance adventure!” That’s how Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 reviewer Grady Harp describes our new release aviation thriller-romance THE HEATHROW AFFAIR.


The Heathrow Affair by [Morcan, Lance, Morcan, James]

New release aviation thriller-romance.


Excerpt’s from Grady Harp’s review follow:

The Morcans make their novel very contemporary in feeling and content as the opening suggests: ‘The evening of July 25th was an evening young East Ender John Woods would never forget. It was the end of London’s hottest day ever when the temperature hit an all-time high of 37.9 Celsius, and Britain, like the rest of Europe, sweltered in a heatwave like no other on record. It was also the evening John’s beautiful Cambridge-born wife and childhood sweetheart Sandra announced she was pregnant. That wasn’t the only surprise in store for him, however…’ And with that degree of immediacy of conditions and seeds for intrigue, the novel sets flight on an immensely entertaining romance adventure!

… The novel is short, an exciting two-hour read, and provides a fine diversion for an evening away form the clutter of the world. Lance and James prove they can write romantic novels very well indeed. Recommended.


THE HEATHROW AFFAIR is available via Amazon: 



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Romance Novel Giveaways, the  readers’ site for romance novels, is putting up our bestselling historical adventure-romance INTO THE AMERICAS (A novel based on a true story)  as the prize in a Giveaway for its members. Entries close November 19 PST. Interested? Check it out at

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Romance Novel Giveaways, the  readers’ site for romance novels, is putting up our new release historical adventure-romance WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story)  as the prize in a Giveaway for its members. Entries close October 29 PST. Interested? Check it out at

White Spirit (A novel based on a true story)


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Following on from the success of Into the Americas  comes our latest historical adventure WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story), an epic work released today on Amazon.

White Spirit (A novel based on a true story)

A true-life tale of adventure.


Spanning 1,000 pages and based on the remarkable tale of an Irish convict, White Spirit  is an epic historical adventure set in 19th Century Australia. This novel is not only based on arguably the great Australian (true) story – a sweeping tale that encapsulates all the nuances of the southern continent’s unique history – it also provides readers with detailed insights into the tribal life of First Australian (Aboriginal) peoples.

 After escaping from the notorious Moreton Bay Penal Settlement, on Australia’s east coast, Irish convict John Graham finds refuge with the Kabi, a tribe of Aborigines who eventually accept him as one of their own.

Attempts to recapture Graham are orchestrated by a variety of contrasting characters working for the all-pervasive British Empire. They include Moreton Bay’s tyrannical, opium-addicted commandant Lord Cheetham, the dashing yet warlike Lieutenant Hogan, native tracker Barega and the penal settlement’s captain, Tom Marsden.

Marsden’s young daughter Helen, a progressive lady ahead of her time who is both an egalitarian and a feminist, boldly inserts herself into the clash between the Irish convict, her father and Moreton Bay’s other iron-fisted rulers. Helen complicates things further when she finds herself in a Pride and Prejudice-style love triangle with men on opposite sides of the conflict.

When Scottish woman Eliza Fraser is found shipwrecked and close to death in Kabi territory, Graham and his legion of pursuers, as well as the Irishman’s adopted Aboriginal family, are all forced to navigate a multi-faceted rescue mission. The precarious rendezvous is made all the more dangerous by Helen Marsden’s ethically-driven meddling that often outwits the men involved.




WHITE SPIRIT (A novel based on a true story)  is exclusive to Amazon:



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Happy reading! Lance & James