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The Prologue to The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) provides an intriguing insight into the ninth-born orphan’s formative years and kinda sets the scene for what’s to follow…so we thought we’d share it with you.

Here ‘tis. Read and enjoy with our compliments…


Prologue / The Ninth Orphan

A deer grazed on lush grass in a forest clearing. Around her, early morning mist clung to the tops of the spruce and fir trees common to Montana’s Custer National Park. Her ears twitched as the distant screech of a Merlin falcon carried to her in the still mountain air. The deer looked up, but mist concealed any view of the small and relatively rare bird of prey. She resumed grazing.

The deer wasn’t to know, but her remaining lifespan could be measured in minutes.

Two hundred yards downwind, an unusually large hunting party approached. This was a hunting party with a difference. Only one of the hunters was armed – their leader, Tommy Kentbridge; the others were all children ranging in age from ten to twelve. Male and female, they were of various racial backgrounds. Following Kentbridge, they walked silently in single file along a forest trail.

A tall, powerfully-built man in his mid-thirties, Kentbridge moved effortlessly across the hilly terrain. In his wake, the youngsters had to scramble to keep up. Muddy underfoot conditions added to their difficulties. Despite the challenges posed by keeping pace with their fast-moving leader, the children were doing admirably well. Their faces were flushed with excitement.

Kentbridge, who earlier that day had transported the kids from Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage, kept one eye on his charges as the trail took them along the edge of a cliff. He noted with satisfaction not one of them seemed fazed by the thousand foot drop. They appeared to cope with the danger with all the poise of adults, or of young adults at least.

As he continued to observe the orphans, Kentbridge’s keen eyes missed nothing. A head count confirmed all twenty-three were still with him. Strangely, he only ever referred to them by numbers. The oldest child was Number One, the youngest Twenty Three.

Directly behind Kentbridge, following like a shadow, was a serious-looking, twelve-year-old boy. Number Nine, who was the ninth-born orphan, had startling green eyes that seemed all-knowing and gave him a maturity beyond his years. Nine’s intelligent face was framed by dark, wavy hair. He wore a silver necklace. A ruby dangled from it, bouncing on his chest as he walked. The exquisite stone gave off a blood red glow in the sunlight.

A slightly younger, blonde-haired girl followed close behind. Number Seventeen was, of course, the seventeenth-born orphan. She surveyed the world through icy-blue eyes. Those same eyes were now fixed on the center of Nine’s back. It irked the competitive Seventeen that Nine had ensconced himself between Kentbridge and herself. She felt like she was always following in the boy’s footsteps.

Kentbridge slowed momentarily as the trail took them away from the cliff-top. The screech of a Merlin falcon attracted his attention. Just as the mist had concealed the falcon from the deer’s view moments earlier, it also concealed the falcon from Kentbridge’s view.

Some sixth sense prompted Kentbridge to unshoulder his rifle – a powerful, semi-automatic, military-issue weapon which he handled with the familiarity of a sniper.

The orphans’ leader suddenly froze. Behind him, the children became motionless also. A hundred yards upwind, a beautiful deer stood grazing, superimposed against the green foliage. She continued to graze, unaware humans were in the vicinity.

Kentbridge flashed military-style hand signals to his young charges. In unison, the orphans dropped to the ground. Close behind Kentbridge, Nine and Seventeen watched in awe as their leader sunk down onto one knee and aimed his rifle at the deer. At the last second, he lowered his weapon a fraction then fired. The shot shattered the silence. The deer went down.

The orphans and their leader raced over to the deer to discover she was not yet dead. On her side, the deer was trembling and white foam covered her nose and mouth. The foam turned pink then red as her inner organs reacted to the trauma caused by one not-so-well-placed bullet. Her breathing came in short rasps. The dying animal pawed the air with her legs as the orphans crowded around her.

Kentbridge handed his rifle to his shadow, Number Nine, and nodded toward the trembling animal. Of all the orphans, Nine was his most brilliant pupil. He was stubborn and defiant, but also highly intelligent. In many ways he reminded Kentbridge of himself.

The other twenty-two orphans felt varying degrees of jealousy as they watched Nine psyching himself up to carry out their teacher’s order. Although very intelligent and gifted in their own right, the others sensed Nine had some indefinable X-factor that gave him an edge over them. It set him apart and they knew it…



If you are enjoying it so far, click on the cover image of The Ninth Orphan (below) to read the balance of the Prologue and the opening chapters of this novel.

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In the climax of The Ninth Orphan, book one in our top rated conspiracy thriller series The Orphan Trilogy, our hero, the ninth-born orphan, gate-crashes the Bilderberg Group’s annual conference.

Okay, it’s a work of fiction, but it does raise some interesting questions about a secretive, invitation-only organization whose annual conferences for the most part remain mysteriously off the record. Questions that demand answers.

The Bilderberg Group has some big names in its elite membership. Famous Bilderbergers include Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes who have all attended meetings of the organization.

Conspiracy theorists have long said the Bilderberg Group undermines democracy and influences everything from nations’ political leaders to the venue for the next war; the politicians and industrialists who attend say it’s nothing more than a think-tank, conducted without media coverage so the world’s most powerful can speak freely.

The Ninth Orphan, which merges fact with fiction, exposes a secret elite pulling the strings of various administrations.

Is there any truth behind this supposed political conspiracy? Well, that depends on who you ask. Certainly, it’s easy to see why conspiracy theories plague the Bilderberg Group.

Bilderberg takes its name from a hotel of the same name in the Netherlands where the first meeting took place in 1954. Ever since, every Bilderberg conference has received almost complete media blackouts despite being held at prominent five-star resorts.

Conspiracy theorists point out this dearth of media coverage is highly unusual given the veritable who’s who of world leaders and movers-and-shakers in attendance each year.

Other notable US political figures to have officially attended Bilderberg meetings include current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig and Colin Powell, former President Gerald Ford as well as Texas Governor and 2012 Presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

Some say these and all other US attendees have been in direct violation of the Logan Act, a Federal law which prevents US citizens and representatives from making policy decisions in secret with foreign government officials. However, no Bilderberger has ever acknowledged engaging in policy-making during the meetings and there is no clear proof that any of them do.

The Ninth Orphan reveals a secret elite pulling strings.

On the international roster, Bilderbergers have included leaders of almost every Western nation, Swiss bankers, EU Commissioners and Royalty. Among past and present attendees are current Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher, the King of Spain Juan Carlos I and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip.

Beyond these confirmed Bilderbergers, there’s also a raft of other high profile figures suspected to have participated in conferences – according to the conspiracy theorists at least. For example, shortly before becoming the US President, Barack Obama was rumored to have met with key Bilderberg members at or near their conference venue in Chantilly, Virginia, in 2008.

Veteran Bilderberg observer, Jim Tucker, phoned Obama’s office during the campaign to confirm whether he had attended the conference. A campaign spokeswoman refused to discuss the matter, but would not deny that Obama had attended.

Other rumored attendees include Rupert Murdoch, George Bush, Sr. and George W. Bush. Hillary Clinton also denies having attended any Bilderberg meetings despite reported sightings of her at the locations of the 2006 (Toronto) and 2008 (Virginia) conferences.

Bill Clinton, however, was an official attendee of the 1991 Bilderberg conference in Germany while still a little known Governor of Arkansas; the following year he won the US Presidential Election.

So what does all this mean exactly? Is it just a pile of the usual circumstantial evidence that seems to conveniently support most conspiracy theories?

According to Belgian magnate and Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon, that is exactly the case. Davignon says an attraction of Bilderberg Group meetings is they provide an opportunity for participants to speak candidly and to find out what major figures really think without the risk of off-the-cuff comments becoming fodder for media controversy. However, partly because of its working methods to ensure strict privacy, the Bilderberg Group is often accused of conspiracies.

Then again, it is hard to believe the only decisions the world’s elite make at these exclusive resorts each year is what to order for dinner or what time to play golf…

Still sceptical? Take a look at this interesting bedtime reading…

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I just finished filming OZ-Bollywood feature films MY CORNERSTONE and LOVE YOU KRISHNA, which I wrote the screenplays for and acted lead roles in. We filmed both features simultaneously. It was a massive job and sleep has been at a premium of late! We just finished the Indian leg of the shoot in Mumbai after filming for two months before that here in Sydney. -James

James on the set of LOVE YOU KRISHNA.


Here are the IMDb links for both films:



More news about these two films to follow!




Amazon reviewer Linda Townsend loved The Ninth Orphan so much she has started reading the prequel (book two) – and is finding it “awesome!”

Here’s her (abridged) review:

A Very Suspenseful Spy Thriller You Won’t Be Able to Put Down!!!!!!

OMG! First of all, please know that this book is outside of the genre I have normally read. However, it will not be the last as I found myself unable to put it down… don’t start it when you need to get to sleep! The Ninth Orphan is the tale of one of a group of children who were genetically manipulated and raised from inception to be operatives for a clandestine organization in a very controlled environment. This is the tale of one of those children who makes a break from the organization that has been the only “parent” he knows. BTW, I’ve now started reading the prequel to this story (and it’s awesome!) I look forward to more great reads from these authors!

For the full review go to:

The Ninth Orphan is available via Amazon as a trade paperback and kindle ebook. To read the first few chapters free, click on the book cover below…

The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1)

For more background on this international thriller, and the ‘goss’ on some of the conspiracies it uncovers, go to:

Book three in The Orphan Trilogy will be released soon courtesy of Sterling Gate Books.

Happy reading! –Lance & James



The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1)

Book one in our top rated international thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy, has amassed twenty-five 5-star reviews on Amazon, and remains a regular visitor to Amazon’s bestseller lists in the Spy Stories and Technothriller categories.

Here’s a selection of reviewers’ comments:

*****  This psychological thriller really kept me on the edge of my seat! –Susan M. Heim, bestselling author & editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

***** A well-crafted universe of intrigue that sucks the reader in, allowing us to forget about everything else while reading. –Gregory S. Kuhn, futurist/quantum physicist/author.

 ***** Is the system that generates such horror reparable by one man; or only reparable by recognition and all standing for an end to such abuse? –Remy Benoit, historian/humanitarian/author.

 ***** Full of lots of twists and turns and no dull moments it left me hungry for more. -Amanda Phillips, film director

 ***** Do yourself a favor, read this book, enjoy the journey and find out the surprise ending. –Michael N. Vanatta, book reviewer.

***** This book should come with the warning: Do not start unless you have the time to finish. -Suepat, book reviewer

***** This book has all that I look for in a thriller of this genre – action, fast pace and suspense. -Sandra Dee, book reviewer.

***** Hitman meets The Pretender meets James Bond in this nonstop thriller. -Wandalyn Thomas, book reviewer.

And here’s a 4-star review we kinda like…

**** Mix in a beautiful girl who is first a hostage and then a lover, and the story has a nice mix of directions it can go…This book is fast paced, and I mean fast. -c9cREVIEWS.


To read the full reviews, and more, for The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) go to:

The Orphan Factory, the prequel and book two in the trilogy, is one of the highest review-rated books on Amazon and Goodreads. Meanwhile, the sequel and book three, The Orphan Uprising, will be released soon.

Happy reading!  -Lance & James




Our international thriller, The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1) has returned to Amazon’s bestseller list for Technothrillers. Yay!

But wait there’s more…

In a one-day free promo on Amazon yesterday, book two in The Orphan Trilogy, The Orphan Factory, climbed to #1 on Amazon’s free kindle list for Spy Stories.

Both novels continue to rate highly with Amazon and Goodreads readers and reviewers, appearing in those sites’ top rated lists in their respective categories.

Click on the book covers below to access the first few chapters…

The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy, #1)The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy, #2)

The links for these novels are:  &

Book three in The Orphan Trilogy, The Orphan Uprising, will be released by Sterling Gate Books this month.

Happy reading!   –Lance & James





James and I would like to wish you and all our valued Followers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.

January 2013 marks the launch of The Orphan Uprising, our third book in The Orphan Trilogy. For those who enjoyed books one and two, we predict you’ll love the final instalment in the life of Nine, the ninth-born orphan.

Until the launch, the ‘hard yards’ continue with the current manuscript as we revise, revise, revise. Meanwhile, book one The Ninth Orphan and book two The Orphan Factory are regular visitors to Amazon’s top rated lists in their respective categories and continue to rate highly on that wonderful literary site, – as does our historical adventure-romance Fiji: A Novel. (A big thank you to our readers!).

Finally, for our fellow writers, here’s a new post on Author Solutions, the worth-a-look Indie book writers’ blog, that caught our eye.

Five tips to getting published in 2013

-by Keith Ogorek

  1. Pick a date when you want to hold a copy of your book. Writing is a process, but publishing is a goal so you need a deadline. And I have found the authors who are successful in self publishing, set a date when they want to hold a copy of their book. Sounds simple, but it is really important.

  2. Decide when is the best time for you to write and make that your routine. I have talked to hundreds of authors and the ones who get to the goal have a discipline about their writing. Most have a better time in the day when they write most productively. What is your best time to write? Do you know when it is? Have you marked out that time on your calendar everyday or most everyday.

  3. Make yourself accountable to help you stay on track. No secret here. Most goals are reached because we have others who help us get there. Find someone to provide encouragement as you write. This could be a friend, a relative or maybe a member of a local or online writers’ group. The Author Learning Center has tools and an online Author Circle that can help.

  4. Select the best publishing path based on your goals, budget and time and talent you have to invest. The Four Paths to Publishing whitepaper can help you understand and evaluate your options. You can download a free copy here.

  5. Plan your book launch event. Just like setting a deadline for holding your book, you want to set a date for a book launch party. Becoming a published author is quite an accomplishment and it is cause for celebration. Be creative. Think about holding it somewhere other an book store. Sell copies of your book and ask those who buy them to go online and write reviews. It will help you build your platform and get word of mouth started.

For more info on this post go to:

Here’s to a great 2013.  -Lance