The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy, #3) starts in the Marquesas Islands where Nine, the ninth-born orphan, and his beautiful French wife Isabelle now live with their young son Francis. When Omega Agency operatives kidnap the boy, Nine embarks on a frantic rescue mission that takes him to hell and back…

High in the hills above the bay, Nine had started running as soon as the men began chasing after Francis. By the time they’d bundled the boy and their inflatable into the floatplane, Nine was already down at sea level and sprinting toward the waterfront. His lungs were burning and his legs felt like lead, but he ignored that. All he could think of was Francis.


Nine’s mission to find and rescue Francis takes him from the Marquesas Islands to nearby Tahiti…


From Tahiti, the ninth-born orphan travels to his birthplace, Chicago…


From Chicago, the former Omega operative flies to Switzerland then crosses the border into Germany’s Black Forest…


From Germany, the ninth orphan’s desperate search takes him to remote Thule Air Base, in Greenland… 


From Greenland, Nine travels to Zaire and then the Congo, in deepest Africa.


From Africa, the now frantic former operative flies to Las Vegas and visits the nearby Nellis Air Force Base.


From Las Vegas, Nine flies to his final destination, the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.


Click on the cover of our novel below to access and read the first few chapters – to establish whether The Orphan Uprising is a novel you’d like to read.


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Happy reading! -Lance & James


  1. Great pics! Grats on the book’s favorable reception.

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