In following the escapades of Nine, the ninth-born orphan, our conspiracy thriller series The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) takes readers on one helluva ride through America, Europe and many Third World countries.

Book #1, The Ninth Orphan, starts in Montana’s Custer National Park then takes readers at break-neck speed from the Philippines to rural Illinois, London, Paris, the French countryside, Germany’s Black Forest, Cornwall’s Saint Michael’s Mount and finally the Marquesas Islands…




Book #2, The Orphan Factory, starts in Chicago. In this prequel to Book #1, a young Nine flees across country to Iowa’s Mount Pleasant, interstate through America’s Midwest, to Santa Monica in greater Los Angeles as he attempts to escape his Omega Agency masters. He finds himself in Guyana’s Amazon rainforest on his first mission abroad…



Book #3, The Orphan Uprising starts in the Marquesas Islands. In this sequel to Book #1, an older Nine embarks on a frantic rescue mission when Omega Agency operatives kidnap his young son. His mission takes him to Tahiti, Chicago, Switzerland, Germany, Greenland, Africa, Las Vegas and finally Vanuatu…




To follow Nine’s adventures around the globe, read The Orphan Trilogy, available now as a Kindle box set (3 books in 1) through Amazon. Go to:

For more info about The Orphan Trilogy, go to:


Happy reading! -Lance & James



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