Fans of The Da Vinci Code bestselling author Dan Brown don’t have long to wait until the release of his latest novel, Inferno. May 14th is D-Day for the book’s release in North America by Doubleday and in the UK by Transworld Publishers, a division of The Random House Group.  The book will have a first printing of four million copies. 

Inferno, featuring the return of renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, is set in Italy and centers on one of history’s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces, Dante’s Inferno.

On his own website, Dan Brown says:

Although I studied Dante’s Inferno as a student, it wasn’t until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring influence of Dante’s work on the modern world. With this new novel, I am excited to take readers on a journey deep into this mysterious realm…a landscape of codes, symbols, and more than a few secret passageways.

Check out Dan Brown’s website at:

As per below, the Dan Brown novels Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code are currently #1 and #2 respectively on Goodreads’ Conspiracy Fiction list. Our thriller series The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) is #3 on that list…

Angels & Demons by Dan BrownThe Da Vinci Code by Dan BrownThe Orphan Trilogy by James MorcanThe Name of the Rose by Umberto EcoCatch-22 by Joseph Heller

For the Top 100 books on this list go to:

Happy Reading! -Lance


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