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Our thriller series The Orphan Trilogy dominates three of the top five most popular conspiracy fiction books listed in’s favorite Intrigue Book Lists – alongside Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.

The Da Vinci Code by Dan BrownAngels & Demons by Dan BrownThe Orphan Trilogy by James MorcanThe Ninth Orphan by James MorcanThe Orphan Factory by James Morcan

Conspiracy Fiction    677 books    —    293 voters

The Orphan Trilogy 3-in-1 box set comes in at #3 on the list while The Ninth Orphan and The Orphan Factory come in at #4 and #5 respectively.

Jurassic Park by Michael CrichtonThe Ninth Orphan by James MorcanThe Andromeda Strain by Michael CrichtonThe Hunt for Red October by Tom ClancySphere by Michael Crichton

Best Technothrillers Ever    346 books    —    266 voters

The Ninth Orphan occupies the #2 spot in the Best Technothrillers Ever category.

The Ninth Orphan by James MorcanTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le CarréThe Boys from Brazil by Ira LevinFalse Impressions by Sandra NikolaiThe Zombie Room by R.D. Ronald

Tight Plot Novels    22 books    —    25 voters

It goes one better to finish at #1 in the Tight Plot Novels category.

The Orphan Uprising by James MorcanAgainst The Tide by John F. HanleyFiji by Lance MorcanIce Station by Matthew ReillyPatriot Games by Tom Clancy

Best Action-Adventure Novels    265 books    —    251 voters

The Orphan Uprising, book three in the trilogy, tops the best Action-Adventure Novels category. Our historical adventure-romance, Fiji: A Novel, comes in at #3 on that list (above). The Orphan Uprising is also #2 in the Most Violent Action Novels category (below).

Wild Hearted by Lea BronsenThe Orphan Uprising by James MorcanBurden of Sisyphus by Jon MessengerMonster Hunter International by Larry CorreiaStorm Front by Jim Butcher

Best violent action novels    65 books    —    124 voters

(The above listings are current as at 29 August, 2013. They change daily).

There’s a ton of recommended reading on’s favorite Intrigue Book Lists. For the full list go to:


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After decades of accusations that the conspiracy theorists are nutters, the US Government has finally admitted the famed Area 51, in Nevada, does exist.

Wfm area 51 landsat geocover 2000.jpg

A satellite image of Area 51

The top secret cold war test site adjoining Nellis Air Force Base, northwest of Las Vegas, has long been fodder for speculation the authorities have covered up reported sightings of UFO’s and aliens. Until now the government has denied its existence.

Nellis Air Force Base

Now a newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of Area 51. The document states the contentious zone was used as a testing range for the government’s U-2 spy plane during the Cold War.

However, there’s no mention of the controversial Roswell incident, which UFO believers claim was an alien space ship that crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and not a weather balloon as the authorities insisted. Supporters of the theory allege that Area 51’s hangars were used to hide evidence of alien bodies recovered from the ship.

The CIA asserts government secrecy surrounding Area 51 was simply about ensuring a new spy plane – the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft – remained hidden from prying Soviet eyes. Plausible considering it was designed specifically for high altitude snooping on the Soviets.

The report explains the “tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects” as an “unexpected side effect” of high altitude testing of the U-2. Also plausible considering the U-2’s silver wings reflected the rays of the sun.

However, that doesn’t explain the Roswell incident or the many other reported UFO, and indeed alien, sightings in and around Area 51 over the years.

It’s easy to dismiss the reports as the ramblings of zealous conspiracy theorists. However, in the wake of the US Government’s belated and official admission that Area 51 does exist, maybe those reports shouldn’t be dismissed quite so readily.

We visit Area 51 and Nellis Air Force Base in The Orphan Uprising, book three in our conspiracy thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy. Be warned, it raises more questions than answers – questions we’ll probably never know the answers to.

The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy, #3) is available via Amazon:


The latest reviews are in for our conspiracy thriller novels – all 5 Stars! Excerpts from these reviews, together with the novels’ average Amazon reviewer rating, follow below…

The Ninth Orphan – Average reviewer rating 4 Stars

“This book was absolutely one of the best books I have read in my time, it’s extremely engaging and exciting. During the time I was reading the trilogy I struggled to put them down for five minutes!!!” -Book Addict

For full review go to:


The Orphan Factory – Average reviewer rating 4.7 Stars

“…..The second book gives Nine a history, what created the man you meet in the first book… A very well written, multi-faceted book that is a joy to read.” -S.J. Hailey

For full review go to:


The Orphan Uprising – Average reviewer rating 5 Stars

“I can’t say enough about this international conspiracy thriller series. Fast paced action and an extremely thought provoking premise.” -Phoenix

For full review go to:


If you’re a conspiracy thriller fan, you may be interested to know The Orphan Trilogy is available as a discounted box set – average Amazon reviewer rating 4.4 Stars.

The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) available via Amazon at



In today’s issue of, columnist Robert Scheer asks “How do you justify criminally charging a government contractor for revealing an alarming truth that the public has every right to know?”

Scheer claims, “That is the contradiction raised by President Obama now that he has, in effect, acknowledged that Edward Snowden was an indispensable whistle-blower who significantly raised public awareness about a government threat to our freedom.”

Scheer says it’s unfortunate the president didn’t have the grace and courage to concede that precise point and remains committed to imprisoning Snowden instead of thanking him for serving the public interest. He reckons WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange nailed it when he (Assange) said, “Today, the president of the United States validated Edward Snowden’s role as a whistleblower by announcing plans to reform America’s global surveillance program”.


                                               Edward Snowden                                   Julian Assange

Here’s some of the more telling excerpts from Sheer’s article:

While boasting, “I called for a review of our surveillance programs,” Obama avoided the obvious fact that this review was compelled not by a sudden burst of respect for the safeguards demanded by our Constitution but rather Snowden’s action in making the public cognizant of the astounding breadth and depth of the National Security Agency’s spying program.

Once again, Obama managed to blame not those responsible for government malfeasance, himself included, but instead the rare insiders driven to do their duty to inform the American people. “Unfortunately, rather than an orderly and lawful process to debate these issues and come up with appropriate reforms, repeated leaks of classified information have initiated the debate in a very passionate but not always fully informed way,” he said.

How disingenuous, to put it mildly. Without the leaks, there would be no reforms. We, the voters, couldn’t initiate a debate about the wisdom of this extensive spying because the government officials who authorized it, from the president on down, kept us in the dark.

For Scheer’s full article go to:

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of Snowden’s actions, or Assange’s for that matter, Scheer does have a point when he asks how Snowden can be condemned for revealing information “the public has every right to know”. But, hey, maybe I’m missing something here?

We’d like to know what you think. Drop a line or leave a message on our blog.

It is a tricky one this ‘freedom of speech vs national security issue’ and I know there’s no simple answer. We raise some of these very issues in our conspiracy thriller series The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising).


Here’s some relevant quotes from The Orphan Trilogy:

* “Factual reporting is all too often propaganda designed to provoke certain reactions from the masses.”

* “Each administration sold out on the most lucrative issues – oil, banking, drug trafficking, arms sales.”

* “The Omega Agency had infiltrated the highest ranks of the CIA.”

* “The only salvation for civilization lies in the creation of a world government.”

* “Kentbridge was certain all of the US presidents since JFK had been puppets.”

* “One could place a monkey in the White House Oval Office and everything would run just fine.”

* “Why else do you think we are permanently at war in various regions all over the world?”

* “Why is it the citizens of this country, one of the richest on earth, get poorer each year?”

The Orphan Trilogy box set is available via Amazon at:

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Book three in The Orphan Trilogy resumes five years after book one, The Ninth Orphan, ends. It’s an action-packed finale in the life story of Nine, the ninth-born orphan, whose idyllic lifestyle is shattered when his son is abducted by operatives of the Omega Agency, the shadowy organization that once controlled every aspect of his life.

With an average review rating of 5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon, The Orphan Uprising is attracting some stellar comments from reviewers…“A heart tearing, mind splitting, gut churning crusade,” according to Welcome Home Soldier Reviews; “An extreme roller coaster ride of emotions,” says My Scribe World; “Constant action and very fast paced,” according to J.Winstead.

Here’s an excerpt from The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy, #3):

Nine studied his opposite closely. For once, he seemed to be telling the truth. He motioned to Naylor to move over. The old man gave up his seat for Nine who resumed reading, scrolling through the file’s contents at the rate of a page a second just as he’d been taught to do as an operative-in-waiting at the Pedemont Orphanage.

With every page, his concern for Francis grew. The document contained a litany of medical horrors that ranged from never-before attempted organ and face transplants to unsanctioned cloning procedures and flat-lining experiments. Medical and scientific text was supported by graphic photographs of subjects – children and teenagers – who had been subjected to these experiments. Some were grotesque in the extreme.

Nine opened the second confidential file. It was headed Medical Laboratory #1 and related to Omega’s secret lab in DRC, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Scrolling through the pages of this file, the former operative could see it made for equally gruesome reading. If anything, the scientific experiments being conducted at the DRC lab were even more horrific than at the lab in Greenland.

Naylor fidgeted nervously as Nine continued reading. He could imagine what was going through his rogue operative’s mind.

The awful reality of what Francis was going to be subjected to slowly dawned on Nine. It was clear he’d been abducted for some sort of experiment. But what? He looked up at Naylor and pointed his Glock at his head. “Talk old man. And make it good. Tell me why you took my son.” With that, he pulled a mini-digital recording device from his pocket and placed it on the desktop between them. A red light indicated it had been recording all along. “You’ve already hung yourself, so you might as well tell me everything.”

Naylor’s eyes were drawn to the recorder. Tearing his eyes away from the device, he could tell from the expression on Nine’s face that there was murder in his heart. He had to control the sudden pressure in his bladder to prevent himself from pissing where he sat. “I can explain.” He took a deep breath. “You’re the only one of the Pedemont orphans who has a child. Coming from a mixture of your exceptional genes and your wife’s regular genes, Francis has unique DNA. He’s a one-of-a-kind.”

“What will be done to him exactly.”

Naylor hesitated. Nine waved his Glock menacingly, prompting him to continue. “He will assist our cloning program,” Naylor continued. “He’ll undergo a range of tests- -”

“Tests? What tests?” Nine was growing more alarmed by the second.

“I don’t have specifics, but they’ll be scientifically conducted and monitored by Doctor Andrews’ team.”

Nine could feel his disbelief and anger growing in equal measure. He felt like his head was about to explode. Irate beyond words, he jumped to his feet and pistol-whipped Naylor, leaving the old man’s face cut and bloodied. “You bastard!” Nine swore at the Omega boss who now lay groaning on the carpet. “Just what gives you the right to play God with my son?”

As Nine remonstrated with Naylor, he didn’t hear the faint sound of someone behind him until it was too late.

The first that Nine realized something was wrong was when he tried to sit up. He couldn’t. And he had a splitting headache. When he attempted to open his eyes, the light was blinding and everything seemed to be spinning.

As normality slowly returned, Nine realized he was lying on the floor of Naylor’s den. It dawned on him he’d been bushwhacked and he cursed that he hadn’t been more attentive.

The staffer he’d seen outside was now standing alongside Naylor, talking to someone on his cell phone. He was holding Nine’s Glock in his other hand and he surveyed the intruder as he spoke. Naylor was gingerly dabbing at his bloodied face with a tissue.

 “He’s conscious now,” the staffer said into his phone. “Don’t worry, he won’t give us any more trouble.”

“Tell them to get here fast,” Naylor said, glaring at Nine. “I want this son-of-a-bitch in secure confinement at HQ.”

“Get here quick,” the staffer said before ending the call. He turned to Naylor. “They’re only ten minutes away.”

Nine guessed the staffer was referring to reinforcements from Omega. The former operative knew once he was interned at Omega’s underground HQ, he’d never be seen again. And neither would Francis. He realized he had to escape within the next minute or two. How to distract them? A desperate plan came to mind.

Naylor remembered the mini-recorder on the desktop. Its red light indicated it was still recording. He picked up the device and hurled it against a wall, smashing it. 

Nine chuckled. “You realize I’m also wired,” he lied.

Naylor looked down at him, horrified. He hadn’t considered that someone on the outside could have been listening to the conversation these past few minutes. If that was the case, he knew he was finished. Naylor turned to his staffer. “Search him.”

The staffer handed the Glock to Naylor. “Shoot him if he tries anything, sir.”

Naylor trained the Glock on Nine as his staffer bent down to frisk the intruder. That was the opening Nine had been waiting for. He reached up, grabbed the staffer by his ears and pulled his head down. At the same time, he raised his own head sharply off the floor, effectively delivering an old fashioned Liverpool Kiss, or head-butt, knocking the man senseless.


To order The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy, #3), or view the Amazon reviews, go to:

For more about this and other Morcan novels go to:


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Books 1, 2 and 3 in our conspiracy thriller series The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) have an average Amazon reviewer rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars.

Readers seen to like the fact we merge fact with fiction, illuminating shadow organizations rumored to actually exist in our world. The trilogy reveals a shadow government acting above and beyond the likes of the White House, the FBI, the Pentagon and the NSA. It has a poignant, romantic sub-plot.

4 Stars

The Ninth Orphan: An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, he is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, the mysterious man’s life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past riddled with the darkest of conspiracies is revealed.             

4.7 Stars

The Orphan Factory: This coming-of-age spy thriller novel is a prequel to The Ninth Orphan. It’s an epic, atmospheric story that begins with twenty-three genetically superior orphans being groomed to become elite spies in Chicago’s Pedemont Orphanage and concludes with a political assassination deep in the Amazon jungle. Embark on another frenetic journey with Nine, the ninth-born orphan, as he goes on the run across America.                                               

5 Stars

The Orphan Uprising: In this sequel to The Ninth Orphan, Nine’s idyllic lifestyle is shattered when his son Francis is abducted by operatives in the employ of the Omega Agency, the shadowy organization that once controlled every aspect of his life. Desperate to find Francis before Omega can harm him, Nine soon finds he’s up against his fellow orphans – all elite operatives as he once was – who are under orders to kill him on sight. He must call on all his former training and skills.

 4.4 Stars

The Orphan Trilogy: This controversial, high-octane thriller series is available via Amazon as a box set (3 books in 1) at a discounted price. It explores a plethora of conspiracies involving real organizations like the CIA, NSA, MI6 and the UN, and public figures such as President Obama, Queen Elizabeth II as well as the Clinton, Marcos and Bush families. The trilogy also contains the kind of intimate character portraits usually associated with psychological thrillers.


Happy Reading! — Lance & James



Our controversial conspiracy thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising), currently tops yet another list on the international literary site…. This time it’s #1 in the Best Trilogies/Book Series EVER! list.

The Orphan Trilogy a hit with readers.

As per below, The Orphan Trilogy heads off competition from two Harry Potter novels (in 2nd and 3rd place), The Hunger Games (4th) and The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set (5th).

The Orphan Trilogy      Harry Potter and the Deathl...      Harry Potter Boxset (Harry ...     The Hunger Games (The Hunge...     The Mortal Instruments Boxe...

The full list (top 100) is worth a look with works by the likes of C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Dan Brown and Cassandra Clare represented.

For the full lineup in the ‘Best Trilogies/Book Series EVER!’ list go to:

So what is it about The Orphan Trilogy that resonates with readers? As the authors, it’s hard for James and I to be objective. Maybe Amazon reviewer Historian Remy Benoit hit on it when she said: “This is high action…with enough truth in it to rattle you.”

The Orphan Trilogy certainly merges fact with fiction. Okay, so only half it may be true. But which half? THAT’S THE QUESTION!

Here’s the storyline for this series:

Twenty-three orphans with numbers for names from 1 to 23.
Number Nine wants to escape from ‘the orphanage’.

Meet Number Nine – an orphan, a spy, a lover…a master of disguise, an assassin, a shapeshifter…a freedom fighter, a human chameleon, a reformed contract killer.

He’s all of the above. He’s none of the above.

Nine is enslaved by the Omega Agency, a shadowy organization seeking to create a New World Order. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, Nine is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, his life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past is revealed…A past that involves the mysterious Pedemont
Orphanage in Chicago, Illinois.

Standing in the way of Nine’s freedom are his fellow orphans – all elite operatives like himself – who are under orders to terminate him. Nine finds himself in a seemingly infinite maze of cloak and dagger deception. Time and again, he must call on all his advanced training to survive.

But can the ninth-born orphan ever get off the grid? To find out you’ll need to go on a tumultuous journey around the world to such far-flung locations as the Arctic, Asia, Europe, the Amazon, Africa and South
Pacific islands. The frenetic cat-and-mouse chase moves from airports to train stations and hidden torture prisons, taking the reader on a page turning, frightening non-stop action ride into the world of corrupted power that goes beyond conspiracy theories to painful reality.

Fast-paced, totally fresh and original, filled with deep and complex characters, The Orphan Trilogy
is a controversial, high-octane thriller series with an edge. Merging fact with fiction, it illuminates shadow organizations rumored to actually exist in our world. The three novels explore a plethora of conspiracies involving real organizations like the CIA, MI6, and the UN, and public figures such as President Obama, Queen Elizabeth II as well as the Clinton, Marcos and Bush

The Orphan Trilogy exposes a global agenda designed to keep the power in the hands of a select few. Nine’s oppressors are a shadow government acting above and beyond the likes of the White House, the FBI, the Pentagon and the NSA.

One of the Omega Agency’s black ops employs MK-Ultra mind control technology on genetically engineered agents to facilitate the agendas of those in power. When Nine successfully deprograms himself from MK-Ultra, all hell breaks loose. But to gain his freedom he must bust out of the Pedemont Orphanage and break into Omega’s other orphanages and underground medical laboratories around the world. In the process he uncovers chilling scientific experiments taking place on children.

Could something like this ever take place? Or, is it already taking place somewhere in the world right now?

The trilogy also has a poignant, romantic sub-plot. It contains the kind of intimate character portraits usually associated with psychological thrillers.

Book/Film/TV references: The Manchurian Candidate, The Saint, The Da Vinci Code, Bond, Dark Angel, The Jackal, Mission Impossible, Salt, The Pretender, Bourne, The Island, Taken.

This unique, unpredictable and epic spy thriller series covers everything from political assassinations and
suppressed science to young adult romance and accelerated learning techniques.

Buckle up for a nail-biter to the very end.

The Orphan Trilogy (The Ninth Orphan / The Orphan Factory / The Orphan Uprising) is available on kindle via Amazon at:


Happy reading! – Lance